Monday, July 27, 2009

Gunfight at Grace Gulch by Darlene Franklin

Set in a small town in Oklahoma, this story weaves together an old feud and a new murder.

During the reenactment of the land run that founded Grace Gulch, one of the actors, Penn, is murdered.

Cici, owner of a vintage clothing shop, is concerned because her long time friend and would-be-sweetheart, Cord, didn’t get along with Penn and he was the actor who fired the gun loaded with blanks.

Or were they blanks? Cici’s sister, Dina, is in charge of the props and had a bone to pick with Penn.

She partners up with Audie, another would-be-sweetheart, and together they snoop for clues to the truth.

Small town gossip and politics, feuding and jealousy fill these pages. There's a bit of love and kissin' too.

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  1. I just read the second book in this series. Also a very fun little mystery.