Monday, July 27, 2009

Women's Intuition by Lisa Samson

Four women learn what it means to really love.

Lark has carried a broken heart and a lie around for twenty years. Her life is ruled by fear that took root in the pain.

Leslie has secrets of her own and learns the secret to living before it’s too late.

Flannery has no secrets, but has to cope with the lies of others as she begins a life of her own.

And Prisma is a wise woman holding them all together with her wisdom and prayers. Unafraid to speak the truth when it’s needed, she helps them all find what they lack.

These women are so real and the relationships so precious that you can't help but love them. It isn't a heavy read, but does provide plenty to think about.

It may bring tears, but they are tears of joy. I cried a few times as I rejoiced over the characters' victories.

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